DIY: Studded Sneakers

Want to bling-out your sneakers? Here’s a super simple DIY! All you need is a pair of sneakers, some E6000 adhesive, 100-200 brass cone spikes, a toothpick and a popsicle stick. Start out by squeezing a small amount of glue onto the popsicle stick. Use the toothpick to apply a dollop of glue to the back of a spike. Press the spike into the sneaker and hold it in place for a few seconds. Add spikes along the baseline of the shoe and work upwards in horizontal lines. Allow the shoes to dry over night before wearing them.

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DIY Haute Fit Vanity

We saw this on and fell in love literally!!! They found it from interior designer Ryan Korban and recreated the DIY!

  • Measure the table.
  • Create a simple flat table skirt.
  • Sew + gather 3 panels.
  • Attach them to the table skirt.


  • Measure the perimeter of the table and find a simple white table skirt that fits.
  • Then find a ruffled window curtain or shower curtain, like the one below. I found this one by googling “ruffle curtain”. There are so many sizes and colors to choose from!
  • You should really make sure to measure well so you don’t run out of fabric. (If you DO run short on fabric, don’t forget you can just do 3 sides as long as the 4th side is against the wall.
  • Cut a 6 tiered curtain in half horizontally, making 2 pieces with 3 tiers each. Or if your table is shorter, cut the 6 tiers horizontally, making 3 pieces with 2 tiers.
  • Attach– Sew, hand sew, have your mom sew, or have an alterations place sew those 2 pieces on to the table skirt.


Tasting Party Ideas

We have always wanted to throw an awesome tasting party…but honestly I have no idea where to start?

The best cheeses, jams, breads, chocolates…by the time I figure out how to pronounce a cheese I have already moved on to aisle 3.

After much research here are some of my suggestions for throwing a tasting, dinner, app or date night party.

As always i’m a big Trader Joes Fan, so everything will be easy and of course from there.

Cheese Course:

1. Manchega

2. Goat Cheese (If they have the blackberry and goat cheese mix) GET IT!!!

3. Montgomery’s Farm House Cheddar (aged, cow )

4. Taleggio 

Fruit Plate:

1. Sliced Pears

2. Green and Red Grapes

3. Two Fruit Jams

* Add some walnuts for a crunchy bite

Wine Suggestions:

1. Charles Shaw

2. Pinot Grigio

3. Reisling

4.Pinot Noir

5. Merlot

It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, one’s present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any other reason.” – Latin Proverb

Here are some suggestions for How To Wine Taste:


1. Lift your glass up against a neutral background (preferably white) to get a general impression of the color and clarity. Observe how clear and bright the wine looks and take note of any cloudiness. Brillant wines are clear and with no haze to the color. Also examine the degree of color and take note if it is: bright purple (typical of young red wines), ruby and browny-reds (ageing red wines), or brown and dull in appearance (often indicates oxidation).


2. Swirl the wine around gently, holding your glass by the stem or foot, in order to release the aroma (forward smells that come from the grape) and bouquet (subtle scents that develop as a result maturing and oak aging).

3. Stick your nose in the glass (don’t be shy) and sniff the wine, concentrating on the smell and of what it reminds you. There are so many descriptors for smells, but most of us have little practice in using them, so we relate a wine’s smells to something similar. For example, you may hear wines described as floral (rose, jasmine, violet), spicy (pepper, licorice), fruity (lemon, apple, cherry, melon) and woody (oak, cedar, vanilla).


4. Take a sip and work the wine around your mouth for several seconds. This is called “chewing,” and should present more flavors on your palate to taste. With the next sip of wine, in addition to chewing it, purse your lips and suck a little air through the wine before swallowing. Feels a bit funny at first, but you should be able to taste/smell even more of the wine this way because you have “aerated” it, deliberately releasing its aromas. After you’ve swallow the wine, note the flavor in your mouth once it’s gone. This is known as the finish.

Chocolate Covered Vodka Strawberries

Vodka Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 Large Strawberries

• Chocolate Infused Vodka (Pinnacle)

• Melting Chocolate

Rinse strawberries and soak in Vodka for 24 hours. Remove from jar and pat dry. Dip into melted chocolate and let dry on wax paper. Enjoy!


Heirloom Tomato Sandwich with Herbs and Creamy Tofu Spread

Pat dry 1/2 block extra firm tofu and blend with 3 tablespoons safflower oil, 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, and 2 tablespoons lemon juice; season to taste. Spread onto sliced whole-grain bread and add tomato slices. Top with a handful of herbs, such as parsley, basil, chives, and cilantro. Season with sea salt.


We all love day spas, but imagine living at a resort spa in Miami Beach. Now that is living life to the fullest! Miami’s hottest socialites and celebrities often take part in a weekend at Canyon Ranch Spa, where some own a condo right on the beach. From the ultra luxurious day spa to the healthy cuisine, you can get yourself right back on your feet again at this resort spa. The Canyon Ranch Spa offers its guests and residents a full spa lifestyle with a jam packed workout regime, full size aerobic area, swimming pools and the notorious Aquavana Spa.

Aquavana is notorious for its relaxing water spa that is truly an unreal healing experience. They give you a step by step guide for the best Aquavana experience depending on your needs. This is extremely beneficial if you are trying to detoxify and cleanse your body after an event.

Here is our Aquavana regime:

1. Rinse off in The Experimental Rains

2. Cleanse in The Crystal Steam Room

3. Soak in The Foot Spa

4. Relax in the Finnish Sauna

5. Uplift your body and senses in the Igloo

6. Indulge in the Hydro Spa

7. Take in your senses in The Herbal Laconium 

8. Lounge in The Thermal Heated Lounge

After your Aquavana experience, residents like to take their relaxation to the middle infinity pool rooftop to enjoy the tranquil oasis.